Programme Development and Delivery

Programme Development and Delivery

Vision And Mission of the Training Institute Ministry of Health Malaysia (ILKKM) 


To be an internationally renowned Institute of Educational Excellence in Healthcare.


To produce knowledgeable, competent, competitive and noble human capital through the enhancement of learning to advance healthcare services. 

Philosophy of Allied Health Science Education

The Allied Health Science Education of Ministry of Health Malaysia, is a dynamic endeavor to nurture competent human resource with intellectual, social, moral and spiritual attributes in realizing the national health initiatives and aspirations.

Acknowledging the dynamics of health imperatives and increasing public expectation, it is our commitment to produce caring, competent, competitive and progressive allied health professionals through a process of personalized and professionalized intellectual engagement, respect of human dignity and passion for continuous learning towards the provision of excellent healthcare in improving quality of life.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

The curriculum is aimed at ensuring participants:     

PEO1   Attain knowledge and competency in providing effective disease prevention and control in outbreak management.

PEO2   Exhibit professional collegiality, attitudes, ethical conducts and social responsibilities in the provision of quality services.

PEO3   Develop risk communication skills as part of disease prevention and control.

PEO4   Utilize research based knowledge in enhancing effective disease prevention and control. 

PEO5   Practice professional ethics, lifelong learning and sustainable development for the betterment of the profession and service provisions.

Programme Learning Outcomes (PLO)

At the end of this programme, graduates will be able to:

PLO1    Apply knowledge on field epidemiology, environmental health and socio-behavioural patterns in disease control and outbreak management.

PLO2    Demonstrate professional skills and expertise in providing holistic and effective disease prevention and control in managing outbreak.

PLO3    Demonstrate professional responsibilities and accountability taking into consideration social-cultural diversity and needs of a diverse population.

PLO4    Incorporate values, attitudes and professionalism within ethical practises and legal practice.

PLO5    Demonstrate the ability to initiate risk communication and collaborate effectively with stake holders, agencies, family and community.

PLO6    Apply scientific skills to evaluate and document information through evidence based practice to support disease prevention and control.

PLO7    Engage in information management and lifelong learning initiatives to enhance personal and professional development.

PLO8    Practice managerial and entrepreneurial skills in the development and provision of disease control and outbreak management.